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Clinical Research

Clinical research is done to determine the safety and effectiveness of various medications and/or treatment options that may benefit our patients directly or help develop new treatments or medications for others in the future. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for our patients to participate in the latest, most up-to-date treatment options available with safety remaining our top priority. We have been successfully recruiting our patients and have received referrals for clinical studies from outside physicians.

Who is our Principal Investigator?

Dr. Al-Saghir is a licensed medical doctor in the state of Michigan since 1991. Dr. Al-Saghir is board certified by the ABIM, American Board of Internal Medicine, in Internal Medicine and Nephrology. Dr. Al-Saghir has been Principal Investigator (PI) for clinical trials/ research studies for Michigan Kidney Consultants, P.C. (MKC) since 2001. He has been PI for more than 50 research studies including non-dialysis dependent & dialysis dependent chronic kidney disease (CKD) studies for investigational product, questionnaires & more recently a device trial.

More about Michigan Kidney Consultants (MKC) Research

  • Dr. Al-Saghir has been Principal Investigator for Phase 2, 3 & 4 studies & one Phase 1 study.
  • Several studies that we have conducted have received FDA approval and are now on the market to be prescribed by physicians.
  • FDA Audited for a study in which we were a high enroller.
  • MKC has 4 nephrologist Sub-Investigators on most of our non-dialysis dependent CKD studies, and additional nurse practitioner Sub-Investigators for our dialysis dependent research studies.
  • MKC research department is comprised of certified clinical research coordinators/professionals, licensed medical professionals & support staff.
  • MKC research department is continually working towards growth. In 2013 we opened up suite 211 dedicated to research studies. This suite is next to clinic office Suite 209 in Pontiac. Since 2013 we’ve been working on over 25 studies with more starting soon.
  • Our clinical trials are all Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved. IRBs are ethical board committees who review and approve research with the goal to protect the rights and welfare of those recruited to participate in research activities.
  • Clinical research trials/studies include Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) (dialysis dependent and non-dialysis dependent) related to various areas.
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