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Vascular Access Centers

Photo of four Michigan Kidney physicians

Our vascular access centers are dedicated to delivering quality vascular care to patients with a variety of chronic conditions including those with end stage renal disease and peripheral arterial disease. For our dialysis patient population, their access is literally their lifeline as it is how they receive their dialysis treatments.

We have certified interventional nephrologists that ensure patients receive proactive care, early intervention, and are able to maintain a quality of life that is all too often compromised by the disease.

Our centers exceed the industry’s clinical standards for quality care and having the best patient outcomes in the nation. We are joint commission accredited. This accreditation is recognized nationwide as a symbol of standards that reflect our commitment to meeting high healthcare performance.

The Joint Commission National Quality Approval gold seal

In partnership with RMS Lifeline, Inc., we operate and staff two vascular access centers specifically aimed at caring for the vascular access needs of dialysis patients. Our nephrologists can usually see a patient the same day the problem is identified. This prevents missed dialysis treatments, and the cost is far less than hospitalization. Our access centers are at two convenient locations:

Southfield Surgery Center

26225 Greenfield Road
Southfield, MI 48076
Phone: (248) 541.7801

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Exterior photo of Southfield Surgery Center

Michigan Kidney Consultants Dialysis Access Center – Rochester Hills

1886 W. Auburn Rd.
Suite 300
Rochester Hills, MI 48309
Phone: (248) 844.4835

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Exterior photo of Rochester Hills office
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